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ACEALLY is a company that has been working since 1999 and offering you the top quality solutions in material handling and logistics storage. We have been on the forefront in the production of welded mesh products. We have been working with a view to providing nothing but the best material handling products such as Tire Stacking Rack, Post Pallets, Stillage Cage, Security Roll Container, Wire Mesh Containers, Wire Mesh Decking, etc., and has been the first choice for most top production lines and industries.


ACEALLY expels efficiencies help you in saving money,time,and concem by handing every project right form start to end.All projects are handled by teams to ensure the right end product and result.


Practical solutions through our detailed analysis & valuable insight will solve your material handing problem.whatever they are


We will updata you the newest progress of the products from raw material preparing,sample producing to shipping and offer you FREE QC report


With a wealth of project management we are able to deliver everything from one item to 100000's.


To make sure our customer has received the products safely is not an end of ACEALLY's service or business


our wide range of products

Wire Mesh Decking

For better value and quality of products we now introduce the most elegant range of wire mesh decking which includes wires of different shapes and varieties according to the user purpose. The strength of the deck is determined by the wire used in making mesh. At Aceally wires, we have different categories of these mesh decks that includes flared channel wire decking, U channel wire decking, and

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Wire Container

An easy handling and managing solution for all kinds of storage materials and goods you want to preserve is this all-new exclusive wire mesh container. Wire mesh containers are strong structures made up of metallic wires efficient in storing heavy goods easily. These are very durable and can load weights ranging from 0 to 800 kgs depending on their capacities. For extra protection and long last

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Roll Container

Nothing can be more interesting than easy rolling of the cages and containers with goods stored in it to the desired destination with complete ease and comfort. And so these brand new roll cage containers come with amazing rolling properties allowing you to easily move the containers inside warehouses, super markets and at other places. The steel frame made up of hot galvanized zinc provides a

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Stacking Racking

Stacking racking, also known as stacking shelves, is one of the transport and storage devices, derived from pallets. It’s one of the multi-functional equipments for cargo unit assembly, commodity storage and commodity circulation.

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Steel Pallet

Steel pallets offer a tremendous ROI for various companies in the automobile industry, food products, storage and distribution, chemicals, and related markets. At a price point that is less-expensive than a comparable plastic alternative. The steel pallet offers a significant advantages of capacity, usability, and recycleability.

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    Jan 18, 2019
    What is wire mesh decking?
    Wire mesh decking is to pallet racking what belts are to pants; their importance as an accessory is often ignored, and the important job they do take for granted. Even though steel mesh decking makes pallet racking easier to use and more versatile as a storage tool, many customers are still a little murky about what exactly pallet rack wire mesh decking is, why it’s useful and exactly which kind they need.
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    Dec 04, 2018
    What is Collapsible Wire Mesh Container?
    Collapsible Wire Mesh Container is also called galvanized wire mesh container and metal mesh container. The mesh storage container can be folded freely and when not in use, it can be folded and stored for saving warehouse space. In addition, the Industrial stackable storage wire mesh container is durable, easy to transport, and reusable, which can effectively reduce the labor consumption and packaging costs of the storage enterprise.
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    Dec 04, 2018
    What is logistics trolley ?
    The logistics trolley,also called cage trolley or roll container, turnover trolley, is a unit mobile assembly equipment for transporting and storing materials with four casters. It is often used for logistics turnover between factory operations or for logistics distribution in large supermarkets. The warehouse cage trolley is the weapon of the logistics industry and the production industry to make the production line space do its best.
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