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Portable Stack Rack for Warehouse


The portable stack rack is also called the solid frame. The specifications are uniform and the capacity is fixed. The goods are stored at a glance and the inventories stored in the warehouse shelf system are easy to be counted. Heavy duty storage shelves can be stacked on each other, and the three-dimensional storage is realized. 

It is easy to form the capacity of the three-dimensional storage without the help of warehouse storage equipment such as racks and shelves. It is suitable for use in areas such as rental warehouses, low-grade old warehouses or workshop temporary storage areas that are not suitable for investment warehouses. It can be used in transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage etc.

portable stack rack

Structural Features of Stacking Rack

The metal stacking racks can stack heavy objects and store them in multiple layers. It can be arranged at will and easy to move. Save space by using a stacked storage design. In terms of load-bearing, the load on the two rails can be equally distributed to four columns. 

The greater the load, the more stable it is. It can play an outstanding role in shaking such as earthquakes. The stacking racks warehouse is all processed by welding and is almost permanent in terms of durability.

Advantage of Stacking Rack

  1. -Stacking heavy objects in high places and storing them in multiple layers;
  2. -The steel stacking shelves can be stacked on each other to form a three-dimensional storage capacity;
  3. -The stacking shelves can be used with the tray, and the stacker can be forked in four directions;
  4. -The metal stacking shelves can be freely placed according to the site conditions and it is easy to move;
  5. -Uniform specifications and fixed capacity;
  6. -The goods are stored at a glance and the inventories stored in the warehouse are easy to be counted.
  7. -Empty shelf rack can be inserted into each other (fixed) or disassembled (detachable) to save space;
  8. -The stack rack can effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation. The safety of goods is guaranteed;
  9. -Quantitative storage, distribution of goods can be carried out in a planned manner. Storage and transportation are convenient and fast;
  10. -It can be used in a high stack to improve space utilization. It can stack up to 4 layers and has a bearing capacity of 3000kg. It is convenient and reliable. It can be folded to save space when not in use.
  11. -A wide range of applications, which combined with mechanized handling equipment, can be used in transportation, handling, storage, and other aspects.

Photos of Stacking Rack

metal stacking racks

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