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Steel Stacking Shelves


Steel stacking shelves, which are designed for warehouse storage exclusively. It can be stacked up to 4 layers and the loading capacity is up to 3000kg. The steel stacking shelves can effectively protect the goods from damage during transportation. This is a heavy duty, durable and long lasting racking and storage solutions.

Feature of Triangular Rail

The overlapped triangular rail is a special joint method of the stacker rack, and the gap generated by the difference in the angles will exert a buffering effect. The greater the load, the stronger the external force is shaken, and the stronger the adhesion of the two rails, thereby enhancing the integrity and improving safety.


It is widely used in large material inventory, which is suitable for storage of materials in the investment area, and for storage of large warehouse materials.

Structural Features:

●Welded and formed by whole square tube, With strong load bearing capacity and durability;
●Uniform sizes, fixed capacity, easy to count;
●The racks can be inserted into each other (fixed) or detachable (disassembled) when they are not used, which takes up less space;
● There are many types of racks, and they can be designed according to the type and specifications of the goods;
●The stacking adopts a triangular rail, the upper and lower rails are stacked and interlocked, and the stability and shock resistance are good.

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