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Wire deck for heavy duty industrial pallet rack


The raw materials of the pallet rack wire deck are made of high-quality cold-drawn wire spray welding. The bottom is reinforced with reinforcement ribs. Both sides are bent and placed on the shelf beams to ensure the safety of the goods. The general load capacity can reach 1-3T, and the surface treatment can be galvanized or spray-coated.

Characteristics and uses of galvanized industrial pallet rack wire deck. The surface of the galvanized wire deck is smooth, strong, and looks beautiful. Because the mesh density of the galvanized wire deck is very large, it has good pressure resistance. Due to the particularity of the wire deck, it can effectively prevent building collapse and make the building more stable. A galvanized heavy duty pallet rack wire deck has been used in the construction field and is used for the distance between floors.

wire deck for pallet rack

So, what is the use of a galvanized wire deck? A galvanized wire deck is a very common welded steel wire deck product, and its processing technology is very special. After processing, the mesh surface of the welded steel wire deck is very reliable, the structure is very uniform, and the overall performance of the galvanized wire deck is excellent. Even if some damage occurs, the entire galvanized welded wire deck will not fall apart.

The characteristics of a galvanized wire deck are as below:
1. Visualization facilitates management.
2. The mesh laminate has a strong structure, strong load-bearing capacity, and is easy to store and clean bulk cargo.
3. Installing wire deck pallet racks can be used to store 1-3T cargo.

4. The installation of wire decks does not require any tools and can be placed directly between the beams.

5. Manual storage, no pallet storage.

6. Pallet rack wire deck design prevents items from falling from the sky.

7. Installing wire decks can diversify the sizes of pallets on the shelves.

8. The wire deck for pallet rack is made of strong iron wire contact welding, and the bottom is reinforced with U-shaped channel steel. The structure is stronger.

9. Can be used with heavy-duty racks, which can save costs and ensure reliable placement.

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