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Why use wire mesh decking?


Unlike wood or metal decking, wire decking permits light, air and sprinkler penetration and allows a clear view of upper tiers while minimizing dust and debris accumulation. Wire decking is easy to install-simply drop in to place over beams.

Advantages of Wire Decking

Wire mesh decking meets more code requirements than corrugated or flat panels between pallet racking. It provides excellent stability and versatility in pallet rack storage solutions. There is no limit to what you can store with the many styles and channel shapes. No matter the need – may it be sanitary storage or just more flat storage space on your pallet racking – wire decking widens your options. 

Pallet supports are different from wire decks. They need to be screwed in. Pallet supports are metal bars that lie in between the pallet rack beams and lend additional support to the structure of the bay, whereas wire decks create a flat surface for storage and cover the entirety of the space in between beams. 

How to Select Your Wire Decking

Determine the beam length measurement that the decks are going to be installed on by measuring the inside edge of the beam connector where it would sit flush with the side of the upright frame. Note that you want to use a measurement that is similar to your desired pallet racking bay widths. Example: A 96” beam will have a measurement from the inside edges of the beam connectors that are generally within 1/16” or so of what the desired bay dimension is. You do not want to measure between the furthest outside edges of the beam connectors or the measurement will be too long.

Wire decking is the ideal alternative for robust, long-lasting storage in your facility. New galvanized wire decking is extremely durable and built to last, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

However, if you are seeking a cost-effective way to increase the performance and security of your old pallet rack system, contact us and we can help to find the best solution for you.
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