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5 advantages of stacking rack for storing goods?

Under the premise of the rapid development of daily industry, the management of warehouse and workshop materials has become a major trend. 

Stacking rack, also known as nestainer stackable rack and portable stacking rack, is a kind of transportation and storage equipment derived from pallets. It is one of the multi-functional equipment for cargo unit packaging, commodity storage and commodity circulation, which needs to be used with forklifts.

Warehouse stacking racks can stack 3 to 4 layers each other to form a three-dimensional storage mode, which is suitable for areas not suitable for investment shelves, such as rental warehouses, low old warehouses or temporary storage areas of workshops, without the aid of shelves, storage pallet cages, steel pallets, and other equipment.

stacking rack

How can we better use the corresponding logistics storage containers to daily warehouse and workshop management? Now let's briefly introduce the advantages of using the common stacking frame.

  • 1. reasonable

The shape of the stacking rack frame is suitable for the characteristics of the goods, convenient for the storage and maintenance of the goods, and conducive to the first in, first out of the goods.

  • 2. firm

The tire stacking rack frame shall not deviate or incline, and shall not crush the bottom cargo and floor;

  • 3. quantitative

The goods stacked on the steel stacking racks shall not exceed the range of effective area, its weight shall not exceed the bearing capacity of the floor, and its height shall not exceed the available height. 

The quantity of each layer of stacking rack is also quantitative, which is convenient for counting and delivery;

  • 4. neat

The packing marks of the goods stacked on the metal stacking racks shall be consistent outward, and the goods shall be stacked along the walkway and road, arranged in order, neat and beautiful;

  • 5. save

Stacking rack saves storage space, improves the utilization rate of storage capacity, reduces operation links and improves operational efficiency.
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