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What are the details of using the wire container storage cage?


The wire container storage cage is mainly used for the storage and turnover of raw materials in factories and between factories, the storage of semi-finished products in warehouses, and the distribution and storage of commodities in large supermarkets, which can protect the goods from impact and other damages. 

Therefore, it is a reusable form of protective packaging. The storage cage with standard size is an important turnover container in the logistics chain.

When the storage cage is used for the production, storage, and transportation of goods, it is often carried out many times under very severe conditions, so as to ensure that the goods and packaging can be kept intact to the maximum extent during the turnover transportation, reduce the loss, reduce the trouble of replacing the packaging during the turnover, directly use the mechanized transportation, and improve the speed of logistics.

wire container storage cage

Wire mesh storage cages can provide good packaging for some large items, directly reduce the cost of storage and transportation for enterprises and reduce the damage of items. At the same time, the service life and reusability of the storage cage greatly reduce the packaging cost of the enterprise (compared with the traditional packaging).

  • Storage Cage for Use:

A folded metal wire storage cage must be operated by two people. The process is: two people stand on both sides of the mesh storage cages, first, erect the front mesh, then erect the side mesh and the back mesh connected together, insert the two sides mesh reversely into the base of the storage cage, and pay attention to the connection with the front mesh. Finally, insert the door bolt of the front mesh into the side mesh.

The unfolded warehouse cage shall be flat and symmetrical at four corners. If any unevenness is found, please do not use it. Check whether the mesh and door bolt are inserted in place, or careless use will lead to accidents.

  • Storage Cage Handling:

The steel mesh storage cages must be handled by the handling machinery. The machinery that can handle the storage cage includes forklift (including counterweight and forward forklift), hydraulic pallet truck, storage cage trolley, battery tractor, etc.

In order to improve the handling efficiency, two warehouse cages can be stacked together for handling, but when handling in this way, attention must be paid to the bearing capacity of the handling machinery and the speed when turning. It is absolutely forbidden to stack three or more storage cages together for handling because it is too dangerous to do so.

  • Empty Storage Cage Storage:

When the empty wire storage cages are folded and stored, the folding mode is the reverse operation of the unfolding mode program. The folded storage cages can be stacked and stored. 

It should be noted that the stacking of the folded steel storage cage should be placed in the opposite direction, not in 90 ° cross position, and the stacking height should not exceed 1.2m and packed with the iron strapping belt to increase the storage safety.
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