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Purchase suggestion of cantilever racking


For customers who haven't bought the warehouse racks, they need to have a certain understanding before purchasing. Especially when the structure is relatively special and the goods stored are relatively special, let's take a look at the purchase suggestions of cantilever racking.

The cantilever racking is mainly composed of column group, cantilever beam, connecting rod, etc., with strong bearing capacity. For the storage of non-standard or long bar materials, the utilization rate and working efficiency of the warehouse can be greatly improved. The cantilever can be either single-sided or double-sided. Single-arm bearing up to 1 ton, can be used with a forklift and other supporting equipment. The cantilever racking structure of each rack customization manufacturer may be different. For example, for double cantilever, some double cantilevers are divided into two arms, while some double cantilevers are only one arm. These designs will affect the stability of the whole cantilever racking system, so attention should be paid when purchasing.

Cantilevered racks can be added with laminates or pallets. If there are many kinds of goods in the warehouse, adding layers or pallets on the cantilever can store goods such as boxes, realize the storage diversification, a multi-purpose effect of shelves. It is suitable for warehouse with small space, low density, convenient management, and wide vision.
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