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Which pallet is better for a cold storage racking system?


Generally speaking, cold storage rack is divided into four categories, fresh storage rack, cold storage rack, quick-frozen storage rack, low-temperature storage rack, according to each category of storage to analyze the use of pallets.

Fresh keeping warehouse: the temperature of the rack warehouse is generally 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃.

Cold storage rack: cold storage rack is mainly used for food cold storage. The temperature of the rack warehouse is generally - 15 ℃ ~ - 18 ℃.

Low-temperature warehouse: the rack warehouse temperature is generally - 22 ℃ ~ - 25 ℃.

Quick freezing warehouse: the quick freezing warehouse is mainly used for meat food, and the temperature of the warehouse is generally - 20 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃.

The temperature of the cold storage rack system is 0 ℃ - 5 ℃. In such a temperature environment, ordinary bacteria can not survive, but many bacteria have a relatively high tolerance to low temperature. There are still a large number of bacteria that can survive and reproduce in this temperature environment, such as Listeria. In order to avoid the infection of external bacteria, the pallets for storing goods should be easy to clean.

The storage temperature of the quick-frozen warehouse is generally below - 30 ℃, which is mainly used for quick freezing of food, such as quick frozen meat, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen vegetables, etc. it is required to quickly freeze food within a limited time. The characteristic of a quick freezing warehouse is to freeze the food quickly, which requires that the air conditioner can exchange quickly around the goods. For the selection of the bottom pallet, the grid pallet with a large mesh can be used, which is convenient for the air conditioner to flow in any direction of the goods, and the goods can be frozen quickly.

Remember not to confuse pallets:

Cold storage racking systems with different temperatures shall not be mixed up. They shall be used according to the design requirements and shall be managed separately.

In this way, the plastic pallet will not accelerate aging in the great temperature difference.

The specification requirements of pallets are different for cold storage racking systems with different temperatures, which need to be distinguished.

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