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4 causes of bending deformation of stacking rack


Stacking rack is suitable for use in a rental warehouse, low old warehouse, or workshop temporary storage area. After a long time of use, it may be found that it has deformation. So, what are the causes of its bending deformation?

1The forklift collided many times.

In some large-scale rack warehouses, it's normal for the forklift to carry pallet goods. However, due to the carelessness of forklift drivers, even if the stacking frame has been reasonably set with anti-collision posts, guardrails, the collision between the forklift and it can't be avoided. It may not have bending deformation in a short period of time if the quality is qualified. As time goes on, the stacking frame will certainly have bending deformation.

2. The goods are not loaded and stored as required.

After each design, the manufacturer will demarcate the load-bearing range of the storage rack. If the actual storage of goods exceeds its larger load or violates the principle of safe use of the stacking rack, it may cause bending deformation.

3The production process is not detailed enough.

Some manufacturers are not strict in the production process, and small detail is not handled well, which may also cause bending and deformation. For example, when cutting and punching, the size is not accurate, and when installing, dragging and pulling may cause the stacking rack to tilt. In this case, the storage of goods may cause its bending and deformation due to uneven stress, or even the rupture of the laminate and column.

4. Use defective raw materials.

In order to save costs, some illegal businesses use defective steel to process the stacking rack. Although the thickness and size are the same, its bearing capacity is not up to the requirements, or it may not see any problems in a short period of time. After using for a period of time, the problems will be exposed. Generally, it appears bending deformation, and serious phenomena may also fracture.

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