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How to identify the quality of aluminum pallet?


Now there are many storage rack manufacturers and aluminum manufacturers see the development prospect of the aluminum pallet, and they are developing and producing aluminum pallets. The quality of that aluminum pallet is also uneven. We need to polish our eyes when we buy it.

The material of aluminum pallet

The quality of the aluminum pallet first depends on the quality of the aluminum pallet material. The hardness of the aluminum profile with more impurities is not qualified. When we buy it, we can see the color. Generally, the darker and blacker one is that the iron content exceeds the standard. The quality of the silvery-white surface is better.

Dimensional tolerances for aluminum pallets

If the dimensional tolerance meets the requirements, the length and width error of aluminum pallet is greater than 5mm, and the diagonal tolerance is greater than 10mm, it is the unqualified product.

The flatness of aluminum pallet

There are also requirements for the flatness of the aluminum pallet, and the goods stacked on the aluminum pallet with the uneven surface are not smooth, which may cause collapse if desired.

The appearance of aluminum pallet

Whether the surface of aluminum pallet is smooth, whether there is a burr, scratch, spot, and other defects. Burr not only affects the appearance but also has security risks.

Bearing capacity of the aluminum pallet

General businesses will clearly explain the load-bearing capacity of pallets and can choose aluminum pallets with different load-bearing ranges according to their own needs. Never carry goods beyond the load range of the pallet.

The connection mode of aluminum pallet

Riveting or welding, generally riveted aluminum pallet is more beautiful and can be replaced by a single, more cost-saving. The welded aluminum pallet can only be scrapped after a beam is replaced.

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