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Precautions for placing storage cages on warehouse racks


Most of the time, the storage cage is used alone, but there are a few enterprises that will make the warehouse rack customized. The manufacturer can design the warehouse rack that can place the storage cage. In this way, the storage cage can be directly put on the warehouse rack by forklift. The storage cage can be used alone or on the rack, killing two birds with one stone. What problems should be paid attention to when designing the warehouse rack for storage cage?

1. Choose the suitable storage cage style

Many storage cages are equipped with wheels. The racks on the storage cages with wheels can not be fixed due to rolling, so they are not suitable for storage racks. The storage cage that can be put on the rack is not equipped with wheels, so that the cage will not stray and fall. There are many styles of storage cages. You should choose the ones suitable for storage racks.

2. Customized support for storage cage
The warehouse rack on the storage cage needs to be specially customized and fixed. The support is composed of angle iron, square tube and U-shaped code. Why use angle iron to support storage cage? Because of the large bearing capacity of the angle iron, the goods are placed on the angle iron, and the square tube is only used for fixing.

With this kind of support, the forklift can put the storage cage on the warehouse rack stably. A lot of small and heavy duty goods will be put into the storage cage before being put on the rack because there is no big package, which perfectly avoids the problem of small goods storage.

3. custom storage cage with lid
Storage cage is generally closed without a cover, so the warehouse rack should not be designed too high, so as to avoid small goods falling down accidentally. Or you can customize storage cages with closed lids, so you don't have to worry about small pieces of goods falling off the racks.
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