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Moisture-proof measures for stacking rack


Although the stacking rack is a kind of rack used to store goods, it should be well protected from moisture in daily use, because once it is affected by moisture, its service quality will be affected and its service life will be reduced. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of moisture-proof measures.

1. The mechanism and law of moisture transfer should be studied and discussed. Moisture transfer itself is a very complex problem. In order to simplify the calculation, we use the steady-state moisture transfer theory and take the high temperature and high humidity weather as the design basis outside the warehouse. Therefore, the reasonable warehouse rack materials with enclosure structure are selected, and the thickness and arrangement method of welding materials for various stacking racks are calculated, so as to ensure that the humid air outside the warehouse can not be transferred to the warehouse in the high temperature and humidity season, so as to ensure the humidity climate in the warehouse.

2. The warehouse with a stacking rack shall be sealed as a whole. It is difficult to guarantee the moisture-proof of the warehouse only by design calculation. It is also necessary to make great efforts in the general layout, the plane section design of the single building, the structural treatment of the enclosure structure (wall, roof, ground, doors, and windows, etc.) and the construction technology and construction method so that the warehouse can not form a closed like a can box so that the wet air outside the warehouse can not be introduced into the warehouse.

3. Only by careful design and construction, in many cases can not fully meet the requirements, but also need to take some effective management systems and methods. For example, ventilation between stacking racks should be carried out at the appropriate time, auxiliary dehumidification should be carried out when necessary, and drainage and leakage repair and maintenance management of the warehouse should be done at any time.

4. The humidity inside and outside the stacking rack warehouse, wind direction, wind speed, and air pressure should be measured regularly and regularly. When conditions permit, the moisture conduction of the warehouse should also be measured, so as to accumulate more moisture-proof test data and better grasp the moisture-proof law of the warehouse. Only from the aspects of calculation, construction, careful construction, careful management, and moisture-proof test, can the moisture-proof problem of the warehouse be solved economically and reasonably.

To sum up, it is the stack of some moisture-proof measures, in order to ensure its use quality and service life, we should do its moisture-proof work at ordinary times, to avoid affecting the later use.
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