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6 suggestions for maintenance of industrial wire containers


Wire container, also known as wire mesh container, butterfly cage, butterfly fence, is indispensable equipment in warehousing and transportation.

Warehouse cage is a common product in the turnover of logistics container unit. Widely used in three-dimensional warehouse, production workshop, logistics distribution center and so on. The use of metal mesh containers to store goods has the advantages of uniform specifications, fixed capacity, clear storage, and easy inventory. 

Wire container

Although the mesh containers are made of steel, the correct use and maintenance of it can properly extend the service life. Because the proper use of a wire container can reduce shelf damage and unnecessary cost expenditure. Here are some points for attention in the maintenance of wire mesh containers.

1.Prevent bumping.

This is the earliest thing to pay attention to after purchasing the wire mesh containers. The galvanized wire basket should be placed lightly during the transfer process. The ground should be level to maintain the stability of the small wire mesh containers.

The guardrail network is a kind of highway steel guardrail. Its structure divides the original guardrail column into two parts, the lower end of the steel pipe of the upper column is sleeved in the upper end of the steel pipe of the lower column. There are bolts running through it, connecting the steel pipe of the upper and lower columns.


In the north, you can rest assured of the rust resistance of wire mesh storage containers. In foggy weather, the dry cotton cloth should be used to wipe off the surface droplets; on rainy days, the droplets should be wiped out in time after the rain stops. For outdoor use in the south, try to add rain cloth and accessories.

3.Keep away from acids and bases.

Acids and bases are known as the "number one killer" of industrial metal containers. If the storage cage is improperly stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as methylalkali, soapy water, soda water), the dirt should be cleaned immediately with clean water, and then dried with a dry cotton cloth.

4.Keep away from the sun.

Place the wire mesh pallet container in a position to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. Wire storage container exposed to sunlight for a long time will change the color of paint; the paint layer will crack and fall off, and the metal will oxidize and deteriorate.

5.Isolate moisture.

Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal range. Storage cage should be far away from the humidifier, wetting will make metal appear rust, chromium plating occurs defilm and so on. When the metal mesh storage container is large and clean, do not use boiled water to clean it. Use wet cloth to wipe it, but do not use running water to wash it out.

6.Eliminate rust.

If the metal wire containers are rusty, don't advocate sanding. If the rust is small and shallow, you can apply cotton yarn dipping machine oil on the rust. After a while, you can wipe with cloth to eliminate the rust. If the rust stains are now widening and becoming heavier, the relevant technicians should be invited to repair them.

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