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4 design principle of stackable steel storage racks


The stackable steel storage rack and the ground shall be fixed on the ground with embedded parts or with chemical bolts, which is designed for heavy-duty shelves. 

This is because the heavy duty stack racks have a large load, and fixing on the ground helps to maintain the stability of the stackable tire racks and prevent inclination.

stackable steel storage racks

In addition, what are the design principles of stackable steel storage rack?

  • 1. The use requirements, load properties, whether the stackable metal racks can meet all the requirements of the stored goods, whether the assembly is convenient and fast, whether the loading and unloading of the goods are simple and easy, and whether the size and clearance of the shelves can meet the needs of the warehouse.

  • 2. Whether the pressure resistance, fire resistance and shockproof performance of the portable stack rack meet the test of the existing conditions of the warehouse, the locking device of the shelf shall be considered according to the type of goods stored, such as bolt locking or screw fastening, and whether it is convenient and quick to replace if there is any damage.

  • 3. The four corners of the column of the stackable rack shall be fixed on the concrete foundation.

  • 4. Embedded parts shall be used for the stackable storage rack and the ground, which is also helpful for shockproof and can cope with the impact of loading and unloading machinery on the stack rack.
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