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What is heavy duty stainless steel pallets


Heavy duty stainless steel pallets are also called metal pallets or iron pallets. Stainless steel pallets are suitable for forklift operations and are convenient for accessing goods. Mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage, and cargo transport, turnover and other series of an ultra-light metal pallet. The assembly, stacking, handling, and transportation are placed as horizontal platform devices for unit loads. 

It is one of the important storage and transportation auxiliary equipment in the industry. The main material is steel or galvanized steel. It is formed by special equipment. The various profiles support each other, the rivet connection is strengthened, and then welded by CO2 gas shielded welding.

The stainless steel pallet is a container unit tool for mechanized loading, unloading, handling and stockpiling. The basic structure consists of a single layer of decking with longitudinal beams or blocks, legs, etc. The principle of the minimum height of the pallet is convenient for the use of forklifts or the pallet truck.

 heavy duty stainless steel pallets

Advantages of stainless steel pallets

  • 1. The carrying capacity is the strongest in the pallet of the supporting steel;
  • 2. 100percent environmental protection. It can be recycled and reused, resources are not wasted;
  • 3. The surface is anti-slip treatment, the periphery is used for edge treatment. The chassis is sturdy, the overall quality is light and the steel is strong and it equips with stable packaging performance;
  • 4. Waterproof, moisture and rust-proof; when compared with wooden pallets, steel pallets have environmental advantages (such as wooden pallets are prone to pests);
  • 5. Compared with plastic pallets, steel pallets have advantages of strength, wears resistance, temperature resistance and price ;
  • 6. Especially for export, steel pallets do not need fumigation, high-temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, which is in line with international environmental regulations;
  • 7. When used on the warehouse storage pallet racking system, the friction coefficient is large, it is not easy to slide under the load state, the use is safe and reliable; the steel is good, the bearing capacity is large, the durability is long, and the service life is long;
  • 8. Flexible (the four-way insert design invisibly improve space utilization and ease of operation, and its sturdy base design is also suitable for transport rolling and automatic packaging systems).

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