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Foldable roll container


Roll container is a mobile container equipment that is equipped with four wheels to transport and store materials.It is not only convenient for mechanized transportation, but also suitable for short-distance human movement. The Roll Container is suitable for the logistics handling between the enterprise processes; it can also be loaded with goods in the factory or logistics distribution center and transported to the store, directly as part of the commodity shelf.

The roll container has the following characteristics:

It can be used with the unloading platform to facilitate cargo loading and unloading;

②Can make production temporary storage more standardized;

③It can be foldable for collection, which does not take up space;

④Suitable for storage of parts and accessories on the production line, which is clear at a glance;

⑤The assembly line is convenient and convenient to improve work efficiency;

⑥ Material is conveyed by line, fast and correct, without error;

⑦ Fast and convenient disassembly and assembly, saving more than 1/4 of the storage space.

Most of the existing roll container are foldable and detachable. Therefore, it must be assembled or unfolded before use.

According to different situations, shelf can be added in the roll container to facilitate the storage of different goods; in addition, there are four wheels under the roll container. Therefore, roll container are often used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between factory processes.The roll container is usually disassembled or folded for storage when it is empty, which can save space. 

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