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The advantages of the heavy duty warehouse rack wire decking


There are many wire decks in heavy duty pallet racks, but the main categories are divided into wood, iron, and net. Each big class also divides into some small classes, such as the network layer board, many customers will ask what types.

The wire deck is often used in heavy duty pallet racks, and it is usually galvanized or sprayed on the surface. Now, there are customers who use it on the medium duty and light duty storage shelves. The advantages of the net plate are beautiful, strong bearing capacity, and low cost. The disadvantage is that the surface of the plate is made of mesh, and small parts are easy to leak from the wire deck. In addition, the surface of galvanizing has poor corrosion resistance and is not wear resistant.

In the warehouse storage rack, the use of wire deck is mainly wood and iron. After all, these two kinds of wire decks are suitable for most of the goods, and the cost is relatively affordable. But in order to meet the needs of the market and different customers, the customization of the wire deck is becoming more and more, which has become an integral part of the warehouse storage rack.

Compared with wood and iron wire decks, the function of the wire deck is more, and the range of use is more extensive. For example, products that need air permeability, products that need to drop water, etc., can achieve the desired storage effect by using mesh laminate.

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