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Heavy duty metal pallet


Steel pallets are used by businesses to move materials from one location to another and store them in warehouses. Usually, these pallets are made of wood, but recently any enterprise is looking for pallets made of other materials to overcome any shortcomings of traditional wood pallets. Limitations of wood pallets, such as pests, hygiene, fire hazards, and functional limitations, result in pallets assembled from plastic or metal. Regardless of the obvious difference in cost, some enterprises prefer the transportation requirements of nonwood pallets.

Some enterprises require that goods should be transported on traditional wooden pallets, which cannot be moved. To overcome this limitation, metal pallets have been created to provide enterprise products so that very heavy loads can be moved in a single pallet.

The wooden pallet can bear the weight of 1000 kg, while the plastic pallet can bear 10 times the weight, depending on the structure of the pallet. For heavier goods, the metal pallet is a clear choice because it can be used for more than 10000 kg of goods, and 20 times the wood pallet. The use of wooden pallets to load goods exceeding their performance specifications may result in damage to the goods and insurance claims. The service life of metal pallets is obviously longer than that of the wood pallets.

Traditional wooden pallets can be used several times without any problems, can be repaired, or can be a project, only used once, and then discarded. This metal pallet is durable. Depending on the manufacturer, pallets made of recycled aluminum can be used anywhere from 10 to 15 years without problems. The service life of plastic pallets is much longer than that of wooden pallets, possibly more than one year, but not as long as that of metal pallets. Metal pallets are designed as substitutes for wood and plastic pallets to promote and solve the problems of modern production methods.

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