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Advantages of heavy duty wire container


Collapsible wire containers and metal turnover boxes are equipped with one-sided or double-sided door opening design. In the case of high stacking, unloading is not necessary, only the doors on both sides can be opened to pick up the goods. It is very convenient to use and pick up.

Folding wire container has many advantages and characteristics. It is formed by welding of steel with excellent material through cold rolling and hardening. It has high strength and can load heavy materials. The application of foldable storage container in warehouse can better reflect its value and advantages. It can make warehouse's. Management is more orderly.

Collapsible wire container make warehouse arrangement more rational. The size and shape of wire containers are the same. The number of items that can be accommodated is also fixed. So they are very clean and tidy after storage. It is convenient for warehouse administrators to check all kinds of items, and can independently distinguish levels and unload a small amount. Storage of materials, to avoid headless flies like no clue to find.

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The foldable wire storage container saves a lot of available space for the warehouse. The machine that can stack the storage cage very high can store materials in a very three-dimensional way. When it is not needed, it can be folded up and stored, which takes up a lot of spaceless.

Folding wire containers and metal turnover boxes save warehouse space very much after folding and stacking. Many factories use non-folding and fixed wire mesh containers. In the off-season, idle pallet storage containers are placed outside warehouses because of too large volume, which is easy to rust, shorter use time and loss of enterprises. When folded storage cages and metal turnover boxes need to be recycled after transportation, folded industrial wire containers greatly reduce the volume, save logistics transportation costs, and save a lot of expenses for enterprises in the long run.

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