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5 differences between metal storage cage and wooden packing box


Metal storage cages and wooden packing boxes are commonly used packaging logistics containers; they can be used for domestic and export.

They are suitable for transportation and packaging of logistics, hardware and electrical appliances, precision instruments, bathroom hardware, auto parts, large-scale items, and other industries. 

metal storage cage

There are both similarities and differences in the use of the two, each with its own advantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • 1. The industrial storage cage of metal reinforced mesh can be folded, but the wooden box can not be folded. This can greatly improve the storage space.

  • 2. The wooden packing box is generally closed, and the steel storage cages are generally in mesh format, and the storage cage can also be equipped with steel plate and plastic hollow plate. And the wooden box form is relatively single.

  • 3. The wooden case can not be folded, and the side can not be opened, while the metal storage cage can open half of the door, making it more convenient to access goods.

  • 4. Wooden case is more suitable for large and medium-sized mechanical products, and the size can be customized at will. The size of the metal storage cages for sale will be limited by the mold, and there is a certain size production range.

  • 5. The wooden case is a wooden product, which can not be recycled after damage and is not environmentally friendly. The large storage cage is made of steel, which can be recycled as scrap iron after being damaged.
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