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The application of logistic trolley


A logistics trolley is suitable for logistics handling between enterprise processes; The goods can be loaded at the factory or logistics distribution center and shipped to the store. The logistics trolley is the handling tool of the logistics industry and production industry. The correct use of the logistics trolley can make the production line space run its best; Planning production, saving manpower, and reducing costs, in order to achieve high capacity, high quality; Product handling mainstream to ensure the safety and reliability of personnel and items in the handling process.

logistic trolley

1. Assembly of logistics trolleys:

Most logistics trolleys are foldable and detachable. Then, before use, it must be assembled or unfolded.

2. The use of logistics trolleys:

In different needs, logistics trolleys can be transformed to a certain extent, such as a partition board in the middle of the truck to separate the left and right or the upper and lower layers to facilitate the storage of different goods.

The logistics trolley is equipped with four wheels, two of which are fixed and the other two can be rotated 360°, which is very easy for people to push. Logistics trolleys should not be stored in piles during use and can be stored separately on the ground.

3. Storage of logistics trolleys:

If the logistics trolley is disassembled or folded in an empty state, the occupied space of the trolley can be saved.

In summary, the logistics trolley is also called the cargo truck or cage car, a mobile unit with four casters for transporting and storing materials. It is made by installing casters on the bottom of the flat, column, or cage pallet. It is convenient for mechanized handling and suitable for short-distance manpower movement. It has the following advantages: in the process of cargo handling, manpower time is saved to improve efficiency; The goods display is clearly visible, and the required items are convenient to load and unload; It can fold and fold multiple logistics trolleys together for collection and storage, saving space.

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