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3 suggestions for wire mesh container maintenance

Although the wire mesh container is made of steel, it is necessary to use and maintain it correctly. Because proper use can reduce the damage of shelves and unnecessary costs. For example, warehouse management, one dollar saved is equivalent to one dollar earned. 

Regular maintenance can extend the service life of the collapsible wire container. Even if your warehouse management personnel change from batch to batch, your foldable wire container still stands in the warehouse.

wire mesh container

Here are some precautions for the use and maintenance of the wire mesh container.

  • 1. Pay Attention to Moisture-proof.

Although the mesh storage container has been finished with surface treatment, we should also pay attention to moisture-proof in the use process. The shelves need to be wiped clean with a rag after being damped to avoid rust on the shelves. Pay special attention to the interface position of the shelves, which is easy to rust.

  • 2. Don't Overload.

Do not overload the mesh containers during use. Each shelf has its maximum load, which is doomed when it is designed, so do not exceed the maximum load in the use process, to avoid causing safety hazards.

  • 3. Pay Attention to The Size of The Goods

The collapsible wire container should pay attention to the size of the goods, not to exceed the height and width. The size of cardboard and goods shall be less than 100mm of the size on the shelf.

The goods in the wire mesh container shall be handled with care to avoid hitting the shelves.
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