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Scientific NCP Epidemic Prevention, Safe Work Resumption.

In early 2020, on the eve of Chinese New Year, NCP (Novel coronavirus pneumonia) broke out in Wuhan, China. At the same time, due to the Chinese New Year, many people need to go home during this time to celebrate, so we all faced one same safety question. The owner of our company Victor had experienced the SARS epidemic in 2003, so he paid great attention this time. Before the large-scale outbreak, our company convened all management and held an emergency meeting on this issue. The topic is how to protect the health of all employees and how to maintain the normal operation of the factory during the epidemic. 3 days before Wuhan's closure, we have purchased enough masks and various protective supplies in our warehouse and distributed them to all employees and their families timely to ensure their basic safety. At the same time, it is the best preparation for the subsequent resumption of work.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, Victor is still very concerned about the health of employees. Our manager is responsible for contacting each person every day, measuring the temperature and making records. At the same time, contact all the employees to confirm the return plan. Under the premise of safety, adjust the time and let every employee can rework normally.

On January 28th, we established a leading working group on prevention and control of epidemic prevention, and have formulated Enterprise Employees' Body Temperature And Health Follow-up Form, ACEALLY NCP Epidemic Prevention Manual, ACEALLY Precautions For Resumption Of Work and other documents. At the same time, our company has reserved masks, gloves, disinfection potions, etc. Arranged a special person to disinfect public places twice a day.

After a series of preparations and the efforts of all employees, our company has begun to work normally on February 10th, including the sales department, Nanjing heavy duty and light duty racking factory, Nantong wire mesh decking factory and logistics trolley factory.
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