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Pay attention to these details during storage rack installation


1. We suggest that one or more signs should be set up in the eye-catching place when installing the storage rack. The area of each sign should not be less than 20 square centimeters. The large unit load (kg), the large average load (kg) of each floor, and the number of unit loads allowed to be stored in each cargo compartment should be clearly marked on the signs.

2. The column base of the storage rack should be fixed on the concrete foundation correctly and bear the corresponding pressure. The uneven settlement should meet the use requirements.

3. When installing the crossbeam type storage rack, pay attention to the locking device at both ends of each crossbeam, or provide the place for fastening screws and nuts, so that the crossbeam can be stably fixed on the column to prevent it from being separated by the upward external force.

4. There are strict installation procedures, whether in the durability limit state or in the large load limit state, when installing the storage rack structure, it must comply with the relevant standards and have the calculation sheet. For major projects, through accurate calculation, the strength, stiffness, and stability of storage racks are compounded, and the safety under earthquakes is comprehensively assessed.

5. When installing storage racks, we should consider the use requirements, equipment conditions, load nature, material supply, and installation conditions, and other factors, reasonably select the structural form, structural measures, and manufacturing materials, so as to achieve advanced technology, reasonable economy, safe application and ensure quality.

6. During the installation of storage racks, a safe distance should be left between the goods, between the goods and the racks, and between the goods and the fire pipe, and a space for fire spray should be reserved.
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