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How to distinguish the quality of stacking racking


The use of the stacking racking is very common. How can the stacking racking tell the good from the bad?

The material of stacking rack

There seems to be no set of strict and complete industry standards.

Surface treatment of stacking rack

The surface spraying treatment should be uniform and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface spraying of the storage rack is uniform depends on whether there is any omission on the inner edge of the pallet rack column hole. When checking, it can be tapped with hard objects. If it is easy to fall off, it indicates that it is easy to rust.

Structure of stacking rack

The column depends on whether the bending of the section is more and more uniform, and the more uniform and symmetrical the structure is, the better. The crossbeam depends on the hook structure of the crossbeam and the form of the crossbeam hanging to the column: the more hooks of the crossbeam are better, the more the stress is about; if the hook of the crossbeam is hung on the column, whether the contact between the hook and the column is close, and the inner side of the hook should be close to the side of the column, so that the structure can be stable, well stressed and durable.

Welding technology of stacking rack

This is relatively easy to identify.

These are the ways to tell whether a stacking racking is good or bad. When you make a choice, you must consider these aspects. In order to choose a good product.

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