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Characteristics and Applications of 4S Store Storage Racking


What are the tire rack characteristics and production processes of 4S stores? Generally speaking, 4S store racks are used to store auto parts, some more fragmentary parts, such as bolts; there are also some specific weight parts, such as tires, cylinders, etc., which requires a rack that can be stored appropriately in different weights, and can probably be easily stored, classified and processed.

  • Characteristic of 4S store Storage racking

What are the characteristics of 4S store racks? The racks of 4S stores mostly adopt mezzanine floor structure system, and its hierarchical system can exactly meet the storage needs of 4S stores: the upper stores can store some lighter goods, while the lower stores can store some heavier accessories. 

More importantly, 4S shop mezzanine floor not only can make good use of the stack space but also can be based on the CI markings of various automobile manufacturers, in the racking appearance equipment deployment of the corresponding color, easy to identify products, can clearly sort out and classify goods. Of course, a small number of 4S store racks will choose a medium shelf structure system, mainly due to customer site constraints.

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  • Application of 4S store Storage racking

How does 4S store rack apply? 4S store racks are used to store goods including tire storage racks, glass racks, hangers, shock absorber racks.

1. Tire frame and wheel ring frame: take out the laminate of medium-sized shelf, and place the tire and wheel ring directly on the beam.

2. Glass rack: Medium-sized shelf as the foundation, in the shelf to 25 diameter tube sleeve rubber tube as glass support and partition, on the shelf floor to lay rubber skin, in order to avoid damage to the glass. Glass frames are usually made of two layers.

3. Hanger: The design of a two-layer hook and two-layer board is usually adopted. Medium-sized shelves are used for the laminates, and a 25-square pipe base girder is used for the hook, and a 20-diameter pipe is welded on the square pipe as the hook.

4. Shock absorber frame: divided into horizontal and vertical shock absorbers. The horizontal shock absorber is the standard medium-sized shelf, and the vertical shock absorber is a two-layer plate, two-layer fixed mesh mode, and the mesh spacing is 100 x 100.
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